BSG Update

More news I have received  2 more boxes of molds on the Ravenstar BSG ships (total of 3 now) I am doing some test runs on the molds now. I will be updating the site soon and with that there will be lots of new models available under the BSG miniatures.

Also currently ordered a new master  be produced it will be a civilian ship commonly seen in the new series.  The Gemenon Traveler will be introduced within about a month to add to the fleet. It ill be approximately 10 mm in length.

Gemenon Traveler


BSG miniatures update.

Okay so here is an update on what is going on for those of you looking for the Old  Ravenstar BSG and the Old FASA Hanger 21 BSG models.

I have the entire line of Ravenstar BSG Masters (with a few exceptions).

I have one box of molds that finally arrived August 8th ( I have been waiting for Chris to ship them since the end of March). He has said that 3 other boxes were shipped no sign of them yet, tracking number does not work.

The entire civilian fleet from Ravenstar is now available on the site.

Several Colonial and Cylon ships will be going on the site shortly.

As for the Hanger 21 FASA models lets say I am not really happy with the molds or quality of the masters so as I can and funds permit they will be completely reworked. My sculptor (Berhle from B3 designs) has found full time employment and it is not easy for him to find the time to work on these items at this time as well.

Looking forward to getting the entire lineup and running ASAP.