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December 2017

Merry Christmas everyone and for those that don’t celebrate Christmas the best of the season to you.

I am still waiting on several masters but in the mean time I have reworked and remolded an old Bam Bam Model I bought years ago the Cylon centurion.

Centurain Centurian 2 centurian 3 Centurian 4

82 mm high and only 12 USD!

I am hoping the other masters will be ready soon.

Fox Minis

With Fox Miniatures closing its doors I am working with them to get a few key models.

The first one of which is the resurrection ship . It has been purchased by Starfighter Shipyards and I hope to have it in production soon.

April 2017

Well as promised the Gemenon Traveller is finished.

Sculpted by Behrle Hubbach III, of B-3 transport-07

It works well with the 1/4105 scale Battlestar or in the Civilian fleet in the miniatures end for war gaming. It is 8.3 mm long and comes as a group of 4 per package. Behold the Gemenon, it is now added to the New Series Colonial fleet package ( it is not in the TOS package).

Behold the Gemenon:

20170409_083411 20170409_083304

February 2017

Well with the new year comes new models:


Great news while going over old molds I found a old mold I thought was lost the Bam Bam Cylon Centurion mold I will need to remake the mold but it should be a upcoming release.

The Gemenon Traveler will be available shortly, the master is completed. For a limited time (about 3 months) it will be available for individual sale then it will only be available in the new series Colonial fleet pack as an exclusive to that package.

Upcoming releases, masters completed (just need to remake the molds) are: Cylon shipyard, Cylon Heavy ore carrier, Colonial Support vessels (several variants) and Colonial Alberino Class Heavy escort.

The next civilian ship on the development phase will be the TOS Argo ship it will be available for individual sale then it will only be available in the TOS series Colonial fleet pack as an exclusive to that package.


Currently Jupiter IV decals is working on several types of generic sci-fi decals in several alien fonts and several Alien insignia so that they can be used on any miniature  line to help decorate your fleets.


Currently working on more decals for the Star Fleet universe.



December 2016 Update

First off Merry Christmas.

My family and I are going

away on a vacation until December 6th so orders will not be filled until after that.

Working on some new miniatures.

A cylon shipyard.



A cylon ore tanker.


Colonial Early heavy escort


Colonial support ships.














October 2016 update

It’s almost year end… hard to believe the summer went by so fast. Well Ravenstar has been extremely slow getting the molds to me for the BSG, so slow in fact I’ve had to remake a lot of molds myself. This is very expensive and time consuming.

All the Ravenstar models are on line for sale now. The Hanger 18 models will be available as soon as I can rework the masters it will be a slow process, this will allow for lots of new releases however over the next few years.

I have asked my model sculpter for some items recently but he got a job (good for him bad for me lol) and has been a lot slower than usual.

BSG Update

More news I have received  2 more boxes of molds on the Ravenstar BSG ships (total of 3 now) I am doing some test runs on the molds now. I will be updating the site soon and with that there will be lots of new models available under the BSG miniatures.

Also currently ordered a new master  be produced it will be a civilian ship commonly seen in the new series.  The Gemenon Traveler will be introduced within about a month to add to the fleet. It ill be approximately 10 mm in length.

Gemenon Traveler


BSG miniatures update.

Okay so here is an update on what is going on for those of you looking for the Old  Ravenstar BSG and the Old FASA Hanger 21 BSG models.

I have the entire line of Ravenstar BSG Masters (with a few exceptions).

I have one box of molds that finally arrived August 8th ( I have been waiting for Chris to ship them since the end of March). He has said that 3 other boxes were shipped no sign of them yet, tracking number does not work.

The entire civilian fleet from Ravenstar is now available on the site.

Several Colonial and Cylon ships will be going on the site shortly.

As for the Hanger 21 FASA models lets say I am not really happy with the molds or quality of the masters so as I can and funds permit they will be completely reworked. My sculptor (Berhle from B3 designs) has found full time employment and it is not easy for him to find the time to work on these items at this time as well.

Looking forward to getting the entire lineup and running ASAP.

Starfighter Shipyards New Aquisition

Starfighter shipyards has newly acquired all the Ravenstar studios BSG line over 120 new BSG miniatures including 3 previously unreleased models.

An update on the Hanger 18 BSG line all the models will be reworked to improve the quality and make them more user friendly.

The Decals are starting to get work for the new 1/270 line of BSG fighters and will be available within a few months.


Welcome To Starfighter Shipyards


Coming Soon

1/270 Scale Colonial Raptor

1/270 Scale Cylon Heavy Raider


Now Available

1/ 270 Scale Colonial Mark VII Viper

Colonial TOS Viper  1/270 scale

TOS Viper 2 TOS viper 4 Viper TOSTOS Viper 3


Credit Behrle Hubbuch @ B-3 Designs for the sculpting

Cylon Nu Raider 1/270 scale

Raider Mk 2 8 Raider Mk 2 7 Raider Mk 2 6 Raider Mk 2 5 Raider Mk 2 4 Raider Mk 2 3 Raider Mk 2 2 Raider Mk 2 1