Babylon 5 Decals for fleet action or A Call to Arms Miniatures



How To Order:

Contact with list of items I will send you a paypal request once payment clears your items will be shipped.


Brakiri Decals                                                                                  $6.00 USD

IMG_1554 IMG_1556 IMG_1558

Cetauri Decals 

$9.00 USD


Drazi Decals      

$6.00 USD


Earth Alliance Decals                                                                                        $9.00 USD

 IMG_1311IMG_1275 IMG_1277 IMG_1276

 Gaim Decals                                                                        

$6.00 USD


Minbari Decals                                                                     

$9.00 USD


Narn Decals                                                                           

$9.00 USD

IMG_1527IMG_1529IMG_1539 IMG_1540

Narn Dazzel Pattern Decals                                                 

$12.00 USD


IMG_1268 IMG_1269$_57 $_58 $_59


Complete Babylon 5 Decals Set                                    

$55.00 USD

A savings of 11.00 as a complete set 8 sets of decals included.

IMG_1527 IMG_1269 IMG_1549 IMG_1543 IMG_1311 IMG_1554