Battlestar Galactica Models


Cylon Centurion New Series 1/35 scale (82 mm high)

Centurain Centurian 2 centurian 3 Centurian 4

BSG 1/35 Cylon Centurion                                                              $12.00 USD 

1/4105 Scale in scale with Moebius Models Galactica

Heavy Escort Cygus                                                                             $34.00 USD


Add some escorts to your Fleet.This Ship is 6 inches long.



Battlestar Valkyrie                                                                                  $45.00 USD


The original Valkyrie as seen in the episode Hero. This Model is 7 inches long and will make a great edition to any colonial fleet.

ValkFrontAngle ValkPortRearAngle ValkPort ValkMain valkrye5a valkrye4a valkrye1a valkrye2a valkrye3a

Battlestar Poseidon (Valkyrie Mark 2)                                        $90.00 USD


A compleatly redesigned Valkyrie as seen in the Plan far larger than the original version seen in Hero. The ship has a sleaker more modern look to it from the boxy shape of the original model. This model is 13″ long.


poseidon-valkyrie-II POSEIDON

Battlestar Pegusus (Mercury Class Battlestar)                     $165 USD

26 inces long and highly detailed.


pegasus3 pegasus8 pegasus7 pegasus5-sized pegasus1 pegasus2