Zocchi Game Science Starships

These are the official Lou Zocchi ships that he had tooled for his Game Science collection all 7 ships that he released are available here. These are official no reproductions.

Decals Can be purchased seperatly here or you can combine decals from http://jupiterivdecals.com

All miniatures are unpainted.

Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser $9 USD


Federation Class Dreadnaught  $9  USD


Nelson  Class Scout $9 USD


Ptolemy Class Tug with 2 pods $9  USD



Saladin Class Destroyer $9 USD


Game Science Special Package Deal’s – Limited Time only


Special Package With Decals – Set includes 1 Heavy Cruiser, 1 Dreadnaught , 1 Tug with 2 Pods, 1 Destroyer, 1 Scout and a special sheet of decals designed for this set exclusively with at least 2 names and hull numbers for each class of ship.  $35 USD


Heavy Assualt Group Package – Set includes 2 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Dreadnaughts and 1 Scout plus decals. $35 USD 

Convoy Group Pacakage – Set includes 3 Tugs plus 6 Pods and 2 Destroyers for escort duty plus decals. $35 USD

Escort Group Package – Set includes 1 Heavy Cruiser, 3 Destroyers and 1 Scout plus decals $35 USD

Other Races

D-7 Battle Cruiser  (Game science made of Pewter) $12


Bird of Prey (Game science made of Pewter)$12


Tholian Ship (Game science made of Pewter)$12 (2 Per Pack)